Sebastian Vettel admitted not feeling fast enough to consistently fight for points with Aston Martin. However, the German also noticed how tight the midfield battle is this year and wants to believe in the recent improvements the team has made.

Aston Martin was one of the most discussed teams in 2021 as almost everyone believed in them, considering Racing Point’s impressively successful 2020 season and the arrival of the 4-time world champion in their ranks.

Nonetheless, after 4 races in 2021, a difficult results sheet is to be drawn, as the team currently stands in P7 in the constructor’s championship and does not seem to improve a lot from one race to another. Vettel failed to score a single point so far, while his teammate Lance Stroll only managed to score 5.

The German kept it real and admitted that he was simply not fast enough to score points so far. Vettel is not an isolated case of a newcomer in a team that does not manage to display awaited results. 

Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz both had a decent weekend in Spain and they seem to slowly assert themselves in their new teams, but others like Perez, Tsunoda, or Alonso are in the same difficult position as Vettel.

Nevertheless, the 33-year-old remains calm and points out the fact that he is slowly starting to improve and getting comfortable with his new single-seater. Moreover, with the midfield battle being tighter than ever, little pieces of improvements could soon or later have a big impact on the championship, and the German wants to believe in Aston Martin to hustle through the field.

“Well, more comfortable,” Vettel told while being asked how he was feeling behind the wheel of his AMR21 after the Spanish Grand Prix.

“But I’m lacking really a bit of pace to fight for points,” he added.

“I think everybody is trying to make progress, so it’s difficult to make a lot more progress than the others.”

“A couple of tenths and a couple of starting positions can make a difference.”

“I was a bit surprised today with the Alpine, they weren’t very quick in the race. I expected them to be faster because they were so much faster yesterday [in qualifying].” Equally the AlphaTauris were a lot faster in the race than they were yesterday.”

“Every weekend is a bit different. And if it’s so tight, maybe if you’ll feel a bit more comfortable, maybe the car suits better to the track, you find an extra one or two tenths.”

“I think today, with hindsight, maybe here and there we could have done something different, but I need to have a look. Overall, it’s probably a fair estimate of where we stand at the moment,” the German added about Aston Martin’s performance in Spain. “But I think we see it’s very close.”

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