F3 was on a trip to Jerez today for an official testing session, only two days after their last on-track outing in Barcelona. Both morning and afternoon sessions were toped by Jack Doohan.

The first session of the day started gently, with the MP Motorsport crew completing a few stints around the Circuito de Jerez, right off the start. The first lap times were set around the 1:31.500 mark before slowly decreasing until the end of the session.

The event continued as drivers kept improving their lap times, in the image of Juan Manuel Correa, that is pursuing his inspirational comeback in motorsports. The American set a lap time of 1:30.754 after just a few minutes of testing and was even able to beat all the three Prema drivers.

At the end of the first outing of the day, the drivers and the teams became comfortable enough to break the 1 minute 30 barrier, as Trident claimed the top two spots of the morning with lap times of 1:29.625 for Doohan and 1:29.676 for his teammate Clement Novalak.

Frederik Vesti completed the podium with a time of 1:29.700, once again showing how close the F3 championship fight is set to be this year, as the top 3 were within a tenth of a second from each other. The driver with the least laps completed in the morning is Victor Martins, who is currently standing in P4 in the drivers’ championship, with just 11 laps.

PositionDriverTeamLap timeLaps
1Jack DoohanTrident1:29.62518
2Clément NovalakTrident1:29.67613
3Frederik VestiART Grand Prix1:29.70028
4Jonny EdgarCarlin Buzz Racing1:29.91131
5Alexander SmolyarART Grand Prix1:29.92728
6Ayumu IwasaHitech Grand Prix1:29.94429
7Calan WilliamsJenzer Motorsport1:29.96723
8Caio ColletMP Motorsport1:30.04426
9Pierre Louis ChovetJenzer Motorsport1:30.06429
10Jak CrawfordHitech Grand Prix1:30.09730
11Oliver RasmussenHWA RACELAB1:30.18130
12Kaylen FrederickCarlin Buzz Racing1:30.22832
13Enzo FittipaldiCharouz Racing System1:30.32425
14David SchumacherTrident1:30.42913
15Ido CohenCarlin Buzz Racing1:30.43830
16Matteo NanniniHWA RACELAB1:30.51121
17Juan Manuel CorreaART Grand Prix1:30.55129
18Arthur LeclercPREMA Racing1:30.60432
19Olli CaldwellPREMA Racing1:30.66433
20Rafael VillagomezHWA RACELAB1:30.76229
21Roman StanekHitech Grand Prix1:31.09030
22Tijmen van der HelmMP Motorsport1:31.19226
23Filip UgranJenzer Motorsport1:31.20328
24Amaury CordeelCampos Racing1:31.55432
25Reshad de GerusCharouz Racing System1:31.70422
26Lorenzo ColomboCampos Racing1:31.78829
27László TóthCampos Racing1:32.04437
28Victor MartinsMP Motorsport1:32.15311
29Dennis HaugerPREMA Racing1:32.38325
F3 Testing at Jerez – Day 1 – Morning session

The second session of the day was a bit calmer than the morning one, as the 1 min 30 barrier was not beaten by any driver in the afternoon. Prema’s Dennis Hauger, the current championship leader, finally showed his exceptional abilities, setting a decent lap time of 1:31.405 at the beginning of the session, after he finished last in the morning.

The Norwegian then beat his time to finish the afternoon outing in P4. As opposed to this morning, Martins was one of the most active drivers of the afternoon, equalling Jonny Edgar with 46 laps completed. Nonetheless, the Frenchman still finished the session in P20, after improving his previous best lap time by 7 tenths.

For the second time of the day, Doohan came out on top of the rankings, lapping the Circuito de Jerez in 1:30.605, which was enough to beat both Hitech drivers Ayumu Iwasa and Jak Crawford. However, this time again, the top three drivers were extremely close to each other as all three men set their lap times in an interval of 60 thousandths of a second.

Tomorrow, the Formula 3 grid will have another opportunity to test their limits, to prepare themselves for the next Grand Prix weekend they will take part in, on June 25-27 in France.

PositionDriverTeamLap timeLaps
1Jack DoohanTrident1:30.60522
2Ayumu IwasaHitech Grand Prix1:30.61625
3Jak CrawfordHitech Grand Prix1:30.66530
4Dennis HaugerPREMA Racing1:30.72029
5Clément NovalakTrident1:30.78129
6Jonny EdgarCarlin Buzz Racing1:30.79546
7Arthur LeclercPREMA Racing1:30.86730
8Caio ColletMP Motorsport1:30.88238
9Roman StanekHitech Grand Prix1:30.91929
10Amaury CordeelCampos Racing1:30.95627
11Alexander SmoylarART Grand Prix1:30.95836
12Juan Manuel CorreaART Grand Prix1:30.99636
13Calan WilliamsJenzer Motorsport1:31.04941
14Olli CaldwellPREMA Racing1:31.09430
15Enzo FittipaldiCharouz Racing System1:31.19224
16David SchumacherTrident1:31.19625
17Kaylen FrederickCarlin Buzz Racing1:31.19834
18Frederik VestiART Grand Prix1:31.20536
19Lorenzo ColomboCampos Racing1:31.31531
20Victor MartinsMP Motorsport1:31.46346
21Ido CohenCarlin Buzz Racing1:31.56047
22Oliver RasmussenHWA RACELAB1:31.62057
23Pierre Louis ChovetJenzer Motorsport1:31.74137
24Rafael VillagomezHWA RACELAB1:31.82356
25Reshad de GerusCharouz Racing System1:31.90735
26Tijmen van der HelmMP Motorsport 1:32.184 28
27Filip UgranJenzer Motorsport 1:32.210 41
28László TóthCampos Racing1:32.55042
29Matteo NanniniHWA RACELAB1:33.42155

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