One of the Azerbaijan GP organizers rules out the date swap with the Turkish GP due to Euro 2020 commitments.

The most discussed topic these days is undoubtedly the fate of the Turkish GP. After the country got into the UK’s red list due to COVID-19, concerns were raised regarding the possibility of holding the race because of logistics. Among the anticipated outcomes are postponement, replacement by the other race, or cancelation of the event as a whole. According to local media, the race is likely to be canceled.

At the same time, postponement is still taken into consideration. One of the options has been to swap dates with the Azerbaijan GP. However, the Baku City Circuit executive director Arif Rahimov has admitted that this cannot happen. The reason for that is the fact the Baku will host the Euro 2020 match on June 12th, during the Turkish GP race weekend.

“There were talks, but in our case, our race weekend is really fixed,” Rahimov said. “It was kind of squeezed in-between all the other events happening in the city because the football is still going ahead.”

“The first game will be on June 12th, which is on the Saturday following the race weekend. So there is not much that we can do in terms of we’re not very flexible this year,” he added.

Rahimov also regrets that this decision has to be made as they could have been ready to change the date on any other occasion.

“I guess if it was any other year where we’re the only major event on the calendar of Baku, then yeah, that could have been an option. But not this year.”

Although there is no official information on the future of the Turkish GP, ASN Motorsports will keep you updated on this manner.

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