Red Bull’s Sergio Perez says that the limited track time in practice has made it hard to get up to speed with the car, though he believes things are beginning to come together.

A shoulder problem in qualifying meant Perez started the Spanish Grand Prix in eighth, including spinning out on his first Q3 run which had not helped his position. He managed to get it together on Sunday though, finishing in fifth to sit sixth in the title with 32 points.

Perez said in a recent interview that he was still getting to grips with the car, admitting that it was not quite there yet.

“You see that things are coming, but not together. But I think once we are able to put them together we have the pace to be able to go pretty quick. I’m getting more confident with the car, obviously. Every time I get to the end of the week I’m like, I wish the weekend just start now because. Given how limited track time is it is very hard to get up to speed.”

Perez hopes to improve his pace coming to Monaco, where he picked up a podium in the wet-dry 2016 event.

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