Fernando Alonso thinks that he is still behind his Alpine teammate Esteban Ocon despite doing his best to be on top.

After his comeback to Formula 1, Fernando Alonso still tries to find his rhythm and be in the competitive form. However, 4 races into the 2021 campaign the Spaniard has scored 5 points less than his teammate Esteban Ocon. Alonso is impressed with Ocon’s performance and admits that he still trails to his younger teammate, despite giving everything he has got.

“I think he is good, and we are seeing that. He is in a very good form and, right now, fully integrated with the team,” he said. “[He was on the] podium last year in Bahrain, in the last part of the championship, and now, giving perfect weekends. So this is very good.”

“It is impressive what he’s achieving now. I am giving my 100%, and obviously, that’s not enough to be at that level at the moment, so I need to keep improving,” he added.

The two-time world champion also thinks that the fact that Ocon is in his second year in the team is beneficial for the Frenchman.

“In a way, we talked about this and we anticipated this a little bit. When Carlos [Sainz] joined Renault, he was not as quick as [Nico] Hulkenberg,” he commented.

“I remember the first couple of races, Daniel [Ricciardo] was arguably slower than Nico in 2019, and he was very good in 2020, his second year. Esteban was struggling last year with Daniel, and is good in his second year. So it seems it is a team that is a little bit different than the others and you need an adaptation.”

Furthermore, Alonso is not concerned about his current results as he is sure that the best times will come soon for him.

“I try to do this as quick as I can but I’m not too worried. It’s going to come very soon, if not already because in Imola we crossed the line together, and in Portimao we crossed the line together.”

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