Max Verstappen had a hard time at the Spanish Grand Prix. The strategy from Mercedes was superior to that of Red Bull, which were compromised at the later stages of the race. The Dutchman then lost the race win to Hamilton.

Verstappen admitted he “saw it coming” regarding the lost of the race victory to Hamilton, sayin he was just a sitting duck.

“In a way, I could see it coming,” Verstappen said. “Already at the end with the soft he was faster, when we put on mediums he clearly had much pace, there’s not much we could have done, and then he went for another stop and I knew it was over, I was struggling with the tires and you could see every lap he was getting closer and closer. [I was a] bit of a sitting duck.

“You don’t want to pit in traffic when you’re in the lead, but makes it a lot more easier when you have a clear advantage.

“If we had jumped for another stop, I’m not sure we would have caught up again. I tried everything I could.”

Verstappen admitted that his team is doing a good job but still has not caught up to the Mercedes, who usually has superior outcomes at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya over Red Bull.

“Yeah it does [feel good being close], but it shows that we’re not where we want to be. We have to push hard and catch up, because at the moment we’re a bit slower, but compared to last year it’s been a big step forward.

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