Alfa Romeo Racing has confirmed the reason for Antonio Giovinazzi’s long pit stop at the Spanish GP.

Antonio Giovinazzi’s race in Barcelona turned to go to the worst scenario several laps into the Spanish GP. He came to the pits during the Safety Car, but one of the tires in the new compound was flat. He needed another set as his stop was more than 30 seconds long.

Alfa Romeo Racing’s head of track engineering Xevi Pujolar gave an insight on what had happened at the stop.

“It was an operational problem when just picking up the set at one point when getting everything ready in the garage that damaged the valve,” he said.

“We’ve got a monitoring system. It was okay when the race started, but at some point in the garage, then it it went wrong, a couple of laps before before the pitstop.”

“For sure it is an area that we can improve, that shouldn’t happen. But at least we should have been able to recover, because it was a Safety Car,” he added.

“So if then we didn’t have the other problem with the dash, I think we were pretty much there at the back of the group issue. It’s just that we wanted to have the two mediums, that was the plan with the strategy.”

Pujolar at the same time admitted that if there were not any issues with the pit stop and the steering wheel, which showed that the Italian had to follow the delta during the Safety Car period, Giovinazzi would have been in the top 10 battle.

“And I think it would have been fighting for the points. Because he would have been very well positioned on what we could do with the tires with two mediums. But anyway, it is what it is.”

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