Red Bull team principal Christian Horner insists the team’s rear wing complies with all of Formula 1’s regulations after it was seen deflecting at speed, on which Hamilton commented saying it was ‘bendy’.

“Of course the car’s scrutineered thoroughly and there’s pull back tests, there’s all kinds of different tests it has to pass,” Horner said. “The FIA are completely happy with the car, it’s passed all of those tests that are pretty stringent.”

Horner admitted being ‘surprised’ by Hamilton’s comments over the rear wing. The Red Bull team principal stated Mercedes’ Toto Wolff had talked to him about this concern, so he thinks the comments from the 7-time world champion come from somewhere else rather than from his own point of view.

“It was something that Toto has mentioned to me previously. I doubt it was Lewis’s opinion, it probably came from elsewhere.”

As Red Bull lost the victory of the Spanish Grand Prix to Mercedes, Horner says the team will continue to push forward in order to remain competitive and in contention for the title.

“Mercedes didn’t show their true potential at the [pre-season] test. From Bahrain, they’ve been right there, particularly on race pace.

“So of course, it is going to be about developing and developing efficiently, developing within the constraints of obviously designing a new car for next year as well, so that poses its own challenge.

“Of course, a 23-race calendar is a marathon season. We need to make sure that we’re there for the second half that that’s been generally where we’ve been stronger.”

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