Lewis Hamilton won the Spanish GP after a double-stop strategy ahead of the Red Bull driver, Max Verstappen, and he admitted that he “learned a lot” about the Dutchman throughout the race. 

Hamilton, who started on pole position, lost the lead in Turn 1 after the start. After spending a lot of time behind Max, Lewis decided to pit for the second time, choosing a two-stop strategy, which was different from the one used by the Red Bull team. Even though the Briton’s strategy seemed a gamble, it paid off in the end, and Lewis re-took the lead. 

Since Hamilton stayed behind Max for such a long time, he said that he learned a lot of things about his main rival this year. 

“It was a really good day,” he said after taking the win. “I learned a lot about Max today and perhaps more than all the other races probably put together.”

However, Lewis did not say what he learned about Max, and only added that “when you’re with people on track… you get to see different things and you can follow closely”.

“I was following relatively closely and I learned a lot about his car and learned a lot about how he uses it. So that was a good race in that respect,” said Lewis. 

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