Lewis Hamilton took his sixth win in Spain ahead of max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas, after scoring the pole number 100 in his career. 

It is not a secret that Lewis loves the Spanish venue, he has always been incredibly strong around there, and on Sunday, he proved it once again. 

In the post-race interview, the Briton said: “I feel great, I feel like we can go again. The train is working and paying off. Such a close start, there was a lot of rubber down at the right-hand side, and Red Bull had a good start. After that, just hunting. I was so close for so long, I didn’t think I was going to be able to do that with the tires, but managed to keep them somehow.”

He also liked to see the fans back at the track, which is a sign that things are going back to normality, and the atmosphere with the fans is surely different. 

“I want to acknowledge all the fans. It’s great to see,” said Lewis. 

Finally, Hamilton said that the plan before the race was doing a two-stop strategy. However, he admitted that he did not know whether to try to overtake Max on track and go for only one stop or change tires again. In the end, he decided to listen to his team and went on choosing the winning strategy. 

“Yeah, it was the plan all weekend, that we had two mediums and do two stops. One-stop looks better, but it’s very hard to pull off. As soon as I knew I could get past them, I was conflicting: Do I come in or I ignore the call? I did what the team asked. It’s a remarkable job by everyone on this team. What a day.”

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