The no.48 car crew chief Greg Ives admits that Darlington Raceway is like no other track in the schedule in terms of setting up the car.

Darlington Raceway is a unique track as it is extremely narrow and its turns have different configurations. The crew chief of Alex Bowman’s no.48 Hendrick Motorsports car Greg Ives spoke about difficulties in adjusting the car.

“Darlington is its own racetrack, and ultimately when it’s kind of narrow and you know that the characteristic that it is the challenge is finding the ability to run somewhere different, to change lanes, or to have the car be able to not just be a single group of car,” Ives said.

“Obviously, all the time you’re going to want to end up in that lane and in trying to be fast. But our concentration for a few times have been ‘hey, how can we be different than the next guy?’ And when you when that happens, either they try to mimic you and are not prepared or it allows you to make up time without trying to be the same,” he added.

“Following in some of these tracks is not always easy a track, especially if it’s aerodynamically sensitive. So getting air, getting a difference of half a lane or being able to run the bottom in three and four is a huge deal if you can make it work.”

Ives also emphasized the pecularities of such unique race tracks as Darlington Raceway and Kansas Speedway.

“I mean, unique racetracks. Ah, they are fun, are difficult, but ultimately trying to work on things that are not necessarily not everybody is trying to do so. And, bringing Kansas, I look at Kansas, that’s a definitely a difficult racetrack. But it’s also a lot of fun because you have the bottom line in the top lane and a lot of drivers talk about that and some of the excitement in the drivers because it’s it’s unique.

“So, I hope. I hope that some of the things I talked about, we have in place, and are able to execute on Sunday, but ultimately giving your driver the ability to race the racetrack in multiple areas and find a lane or find ways to pass when needed,” Ives said in the conclusion.

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