Here’s what the drivers had to say after the Formula E Monaco E-Prix.

Antonio Felix da Costa, the race winner, said that it is very difficult to win a race in Formula E because all the drivers are on the same level.

“Winning a Formula E race is so hard these days, especially this year. Not team does have a big advantage over another one and we all have a lot knowledge of how to use our energy.”

“I did the attack on the last lap, even though I knew that I probably won´t make it and that he has enough to cover me, but yeah I just was lucky enough to get him.”

“I´ve really wanted it here and I felt bad the whole week and I therefore was working with sports psychologists. They did a good job and that gave me a lot of energy for today´s race.”

 He also says that he benefited a lot from the struggles of his opponents and that gave him a lot of time. Da Costa had said before the E-Prix that it reminded him a lot of the race in Macau and that he really wanted to win here.

Robin Frijns is happy after this weekend because before the race he couldn’t show good results, and now he sees that he has the pace to win races. He always wanted to keep it fair and that’s why he gave da Costa enough space in the overtaking maneuvers in the race.

“I´m a bit frustrated, that I didn´t get the extra three points today [in qualifying].”

“I can be happy about this weekend, even though I missed the win that close. But it´s definitely a good feeling because the previous races were very hard for me.”

“I think it was a good race for us [top 3] and it was very clean as well, because we know our borders and our limits.”

“It´s a nice feeling to lead the championship after half of the season, but I had the same thing in the past and then I failed to cross the line 3 or 4 times in the second part of the season. So, obviously I keep focused and concentrate on the challenges ahead.”

Mitch Evans is frustrated because he expected to win as every other driver in Monaco. He suffered some problems with energy management.

“I’m pretty gutted. But if I look back, it was completely my fault, because I burned my energy unnecessarily. But I needed to burn energy to get to the finish line in front of them. But Antonio made a fantastic job today and I couldn´t get closer in the end.”

“It hurts obviously, because when you lead with half a lap to go, you want to finish in P1. But to end in P3 sucks, especially in Monaco, because it´s Monaco. Everyone wants to win that race here.”

“I wasn’t really expecting the overtake [from Antonio], but the pace difference was immense. I left him enough space, because we race hard, but also fair.”

When asked what he thought when he put the overtaking maneuver on Evans, he said that he had to do it because he saw it as the last chance for a victory. He could have just as easily gone straight into the barriers, but he was luckier.

“The team was giving me a lot of information on the right time and as I said previously, having a good track-position is the key here in Monaco,” da Costa told ASN Motorsports.

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