Oliver Rowland had a great qualifying until the Superpole. The Briton managed to qualify for the top 6 and set a good time.

With 1:31.547 he would have been in 4th place for the race. But his lap was subsequently disallowed. The Nissan driver had left the pit lane too late for his lap in Superpole and thus went out at a red light. The FIA reacted promptly and deleted this time.

Rowland calls this rule “another mess” and a “complete joke.”

Nissan e.dams had their work cut out for them this weekend because they finally have a new car. After there were production delays and the new car was supposed to have been used at the Rome E-Prix, it will finally be on the grid in Monaco.

According to Article 33.6 a) of the Formula E Sporting Regulations, all drivers who have qualified for Superpole have 30 seconds to leave the pit lane. However, the Briton left it too late.

An excerpt from the FIA’s decision states: “The driver left the pitlane for his superpole lap not in the mandatory time window.”

Rowland did not want to accept this decision and attacked the FIA. He says that the FIA’s call for drivers to get ready came too late and as a result he never had the chance to leave the pit lane in time.

This happened immediately after qualifying, where two drivers were given another chance for a fast lap after a red flag. After that, the call for the top 6 would have come too late, said Oliver Rowland: “Well, obviously the fourth session was red-flagged, so the session was delayed. They said at 1238 the session would start at 1239, but they don’t accept that a driver needs to get in their car, so we were late out.”

“Once again, it’s another mess, to be honest.  I don’t understand why they have to start the session with 40 seconds to go. It’s a complete joke. I’m a bit disappointed. The problem is, you don’t know you’re in the session and then they give you 1m20s to get in the car. It’s impossible.” 

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