Ben Rhodes said drivers at the Truck Series 200 were racing hard but not smart, saying Darlington is a track where racing involves thinking before taking any action.

The Truck Series race at Darlington saw multiple wrecks, especially during the last 35 laps of the event where we saw 5 cautions. Sheldon Creed believes the racing at the back was “as hard as I’ve seen,” stating it wasn’t smart racing.

“In the back, they were racing as hard as I’ve seen. Nobody really knew what lane or line they wanted to do.

“To me, it just wasn’t smart racing. This is a track where you really have to be smart and know what you’re doing. You have to put yourself in position before you actually get to that position, and I think that’s what makes a good driver in a place like this.

“When you’re in the back and people are just getting any little thing they can get at any point, that’s what leads to the wrecks.”

Further talking about the restarts, Stewart Friesen had called them a “shit show.” When asked for his opinion, Rhodes said the restarts were the opposite, stating he enjoyed the fun challenge they meant for the race.

“Uh… Okay, I mean, I don’t know if it was really a ‘shitshow,’ I think the fans got a lot of entertainment.

“You spin the tires easy here, but this is a challenging track. Step up or step out. I enjoyed the restarts, I thought they were fun, they were challenging. You have to be on your A game, you can’t clip yourself on somebody’s elses door – I obviously did on the last lap – and going for the win.

“You’ve got to make calculated risks, and you’ve got to get runs and do the right things. You always have to be offensive and that’s for every place we go with the Truck Series.

“I wouldn’t say it’s Darlington that causes this, it’s just people driving wild and it’s a narrow racetrack, so you’ve got to figure it out. I guess there were a lot of people tonight that were trying to take more than they gave and that seems to be a thing in the Truck Series, a lot of people take, but sometimes you have to give if you want to finish the race.”

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