Nikita Mazepin has finally reacted to his punishment. According to the report, he received penalty points after he prevented Norris from setting a fast lap.

The Russian says that the penalty he received after the incident shows that there is no “gentlemen’s agreement” between drivers in Formula 1.

However, the stewards also said that Mazepin was put in a “difficult situation” by Tsunoda and Raikkonen after they overtook the Haas driver.

According to Mazepin, the so-called “gentlemen’s agreement” states that drivers are not allowed to overtake before the final corner at the start of qualifying. All drivers agreed to this, according to Mazepin.

“If I’m not mistaken somebody asked about the drivers’ gentlemen agreement into the last corner in Bahrain. I think this was a very prime example of that not working in Formula 1.

“I was really trying to obey it as I was ever since I took note of it. It’s very difficult when two cars overtake you going into a last corner which is very slow and tight, where a length of a car, which is five-and-a-half meters, you just cannot put a third car there and especially if the fourth car is arriving at full speed.

“So, I didn’t feel that boxing up behind was an option because that would have left my rear end on the racing line. The only option was to go, which I did. Unfortunately, it’s just all these things coming together.

“I’m not upset about it because there’s really not much I could have done apart from disappear which unfortunately I’m not able to do.

This action on the track once again draws negative comments from his fellow drivers on Mazepin. Above all, Charles Leclerc showed his impatience towards the Russian.

Mazepin, when asked if he would take note of these “opinions” of the other drivers, said:

“My radios connected to my team so no such comments are coming into my ears. And I’m not a very big social media fan so I’m not entirely sure which ones you are referring to.”

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