Lewis Hamilton is content with how the car has worked this Friday, but admits it has not been easy adjusting it.

Friday turned out to be a good day in the office for Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes driver was 3rd in the timesheets in FP1 as well as the quickest driver in the field in FP2. Hamilton was glad with the performance so far.

“The track’s awesome and balance is similar to what we’ve had in the last race. So it looks close, but it looks like we’ve got a decent pace today,” he said.

However, Hamilton spoke about difficulties of setting up his W12 car, stating that it had always been a difficuly experience: “Oh, no. No, we have to work at it. It never comes out easy and I don’t think with this car it’s ever going to be the case.”

At the same time, the Briton was quite optimistic about the progress made in terms of finding the right adjustments: “But we understand the car and we know which direction we need to go, balance-wise. So we made some tweaks along the way. I don’t know if it got better for this session necessarily, but there was some findings there so I’m hoping to, once we can analyse these two sessions, hopefully have better set up for tomorrow.”

The most significant change at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya this year is the modification of turn 10 as it becomes even quicker. Hamilton does not clearly understand the decision to do it, but still anticipates to see how it works out in race condition.

“It’s not as grippy as the other surface, but I think it will build up. I don’t really understand what the point was of the corner.”

“I think it’s a lot, lot faster. But I’ve not been in a racing scenario with it [yet], so I can’t tell you if it’s going to be better for racing or not.”

“The one before obviously was a dead stop, that was one other spot that you could potentially overtake but the straight was too short. So I don’t know.”

Hamilton does see a positive in the turn 10 change though. He believes that it can lead to closer racing in the final sector: “Hopefully, maybe it will allow us to follow closer maybe through that last section. And if it does, that means we can race better down the main straight.”

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