Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel has said the strong showing on Friday was credited to upgrades the English team have given him for the weekend.

The updates were mostly aero-related, focusing on the wing, bargeboard, and floor. Lance Stroll got the updates at Portimao, with Vettel given them this weekend in Spain. He finished the practice sessions on 8th and 11th, and he said the upgrades were the reason behind it.

“I think it’s fair to say it probably was our best Friday,” said Vettel. “I was happier with the car. Obviously, it’s a different track, different conditions but I think I generally felt a lot more at home, it seems to improve.

“Obviously it’s very tight, it’s hard to say where we are going to be tomorrow, but I think we need to look overnight what else we can find and then hopefully we can squeeze a couple of extra tenths.

“I think it (the updates) is a step forward, so it’s good to tick that off and now as I said, we’ll try and improve the package where we are now. The midfield is very tight so everything we can find will work in our favor. It’s a long race as well, tough on the tires, so lots of stuff to do for tonight.”

Vettel has yet to score points this season, something he hopes changes on Sunday.

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