Red Bull’s Sergio Perez is using teammate Max Verstappen’s setup in the early rounds to avoid getting “lost” in car setup.

Perez, who currently sits sixth in the championship after a non-score at Imola, his first finish out of the points since Hungary 2019, has said he is using Verstappen’s setups until he knows the car well enough to go his own way.

“I’m taking the approach of first I need to adapt to the car,” he said. “We have such a limited track time with these cars this year, with the new rules of testing and also in practice, that everything happens very quick.

“It’s very hard to do any work like it used to be in practice, where we had more time. Now, it’s really a couple of runs and the day is over. So, I think first I need to get to that level and then move around. That’s my view. You know, it makes no sense to follow another direction, because I’m just going to get lost. So I’m working on a very similar basis as my teammate.”

Portugal was a straightforward weekend for the Mexican, who got through all sessions unscathed minus a spin in Q1, for the first time this year. This meant he believes he learned a lot during the Portuguese GP weekend.

“Although the result wasn’t fantastic in Portugal, the race pace was a good step forwards. But more than that was the understanding. Afterward, you can analyze that race and compare it in many aspects to the leaders, and learn from that what the car is doing, and how I can improve my race pace.

“That’s something that definitely has done a good step in the right direction.”

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