Formula E makes a guest appearance in Monaco this weekend. The layout of the Formula 1 track will be used for the first time.

The drivers were already pleased about the new course layout as they are finally allowed to drive the F1 track.

Of course, it is also clear that Formula E won’t be driving on exactly the same track as they want to avoid a speed comparison with the Formula 1 cars. The main change would have been the wider line through Sainte Devote, where the positioning of the inner curb has been changed. This would have made it similar to the 1929 Grand Prix circuit.

But now the teams have spoken out against this change and want to continue to race on the normal F1 track. This is because the teams want a harder braking zone to recover more energy and to have another overtaking opportunity.

The FIA agreed to these because they wanted to avoid chaos like at the Valencia E-Prix, where they drove on a permanent track and almost half crossed the finish line without any remaining energy or stopped.

One change that will remain, however, is the Attack Mode zone from the outside of the hairpin. This has been moved to Casino Square. A curb was added to the inside of turn 10 as well.

These changes were all confirmed a few days before the start of the Monaco E-Prix. Nevertheless, drivers like Stoffel Vandoorne (Mercedes-EQ) and Norman Nato (Venturi Racing) were already able to test the new layout in the simulator, although they were also present at the WEC 6-hour race at Spa.

Vandoorne responded as follows when asked if it was stressful getting to know the new track after also driving at Spa: “It was actually pretty good because I did my sim on Monday, Tuesday.”

“So, this time it was actually beneficial to go to the simulator quite late before the event because the updates on the circuit came quite late.”

“The only change right now compared to the simulator is probably the kerb positioning into turn 10 and 11 but I think that’s a minor change. I would say in the end it was almost a benefit.”

Nato added: “I did the sim on Monday and Tuesday, so we were aware of the changes and everything. so we adapted to change it and tried it. So, it was not so much of a problem.”

Norman Nato also approved the decision that they changed the Attack Mode zone: “Well at the beginning it was in Turn 6 which was quite tight and difficult from my point of view. So, Turn 4 for sure there will be some pick up to be careful because it’s on the outside but it’s the same for everybody.”

“Attack Mode is always the tricky part of the race to take it at the right time and to find the right balance between really pushing to take it to lose as less time as you can or if you miss it, it’s a big loss. So, it’s really important to practice in FP tomorrow”.

Allan McNish, team principal of the Audi-ABT Formula E team, said the team may have to ” re-adapt” if they want to conquer the track well: “It means we have to re-evaluate some of the things we’ve done in simulations and on the simulator.”

“I think fundamentally from base car set up it doesn’t change too much in reality it’s more a case of energy profile for the race and so therefore we have to re-adapt that. “

“Clearly the earlier these modifications are known the better but that’s just one of the things we have to be agile with. But it’s for the guys not here but back in Germany, maybe do a wee bit of a late night.”

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