Max Verstappen is probably the driver who has been penalized the most by the track limits this season. However, he admitted that his approach during the race weekend will not change. 

The Red Bull driver lost both pole position and the fastest lap in the race due to the track limits in Portimao last week, something that Christian Horner called “brutal” for the team. 

Max lost the victory in Bahrain due to track limits as well. In the season opener, he overtook Lewis Hamilton, but he exceeded the track limits while doing so. Therefore, he was forced to give the position back to Lewis, who eventually won the race. 

Max said that he exceeded track limits because every time he was pushing as hard as he could in order to beat Mercedes, also stating that his approach will be the same throughout the year. 

“I don’t think there’s anything to be done to be on top of it,” he explained. “In Bahrain, there were some misunderstandings between teams about what was allowed and what wasn’t.

“But you can also see it differently, I mean I’m just trying to get everything out of the car when we are not on the same level as Mercedes.

“I could just as easily not be in that topic of not using track limits or whatever, but I’m then quite comfortably behind a Mercedes which I don’t like. I’m just trying to get the best result out of it.

“But yeah, I went twice basically outside of the track limits [in Portugal] which cost me a pole and the fastest lap, but it’s also because I don’t settle for second or third.”

Verstappen is now eight points behind Lewis, while Red Bull is 18 points behind their main rival, Mercedes. The battle between the Dutchman and the Briton is one of the greatest of the last few seasons. Despite that, Max admitted that his relationship with Lewis did not change. 

“It’s very relaxed, I think, as you can see when we walk into these kinds of things [press conferences],” he said. “We always get on well, and I think when you respect each other, and I think when you can say to each other when the other one has done a good job or a better job, I think that is very important.

“It’s exciting, and I’m, of course, looking forward to every single battle out there, with the championship fight. We finally have a car that is capable of having good results every single weekend, fighting for first or third or second – it’s going to depend on the track which is a bit difficult to predict at the moment.

“It’s really enjoyable, and I think so far we’ve had some good results, and from my side, I think I’m happy. Things can always go better, you know, from both sides – from the car and me. It’s never good enough, even if we’d won all three races so far.”

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