Max Verstappen does not see any surprise in former Mercedes staff going to Red Bull to develop power unit.

After the 2021 F1 season, Red Bull Racing will enter a new era. Honda will leave the sport and the team will develop the engine all by itself. Red Bull Racing has already established a company that will be accountable for it called Red Bull Powertrains.

Red Bull Powertrains had already recruited several former Mercedes team members, including Ben Hodgkinson as technical director.

Ahead of the Spanish GP, Max Verstappen spoke about that, emphasizing that such a decision from the Mercedes engineers was “understandable” as they wanted to chase new goals.

“When a team has been so dominant for such a long time, you will try to get those kinds of people,” he said.

“But also I think it’s an interesting new project to be part of, from our side. When people are in the same place for a long time, I think sometimes they want to seek new challenges,” he added. “I think that’s understandable.”

The reigning F1 world champion and Verstappen’s title rival this year Lewis Hamilton also sees nothing strange in these moves, because everyone in the team is on an extremely high level.

“It’s not something that I [put much time] particularly towards. There’s obviously all this that’s in the background and I think I’ve got the best ally with Toto [Wolff], who will be working to manage it in the best way possible.”

“Without doubt, every individual that’s in our team is amazing and it’s not a surprise that everybody will want them. We’ve had a lot of success together.”

“If there are people that have moved on, I wish them all the best. We all have to go through our own journeys and make our own decisions, which are right for us.”

“But this is a huge team – it’s a big team and it’s not about one individual. Or even five. It’s about a collective. And we’ve got an amazing collective group of people that still remains solid and focused on winning this championship.”

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