Team Penske’s Joey Logano thinks that introduction of Next Gen cars will give the chance to rethink a lot of processes in NASCAR.

It goes without saying that the Next Gen cars will start a new age in NASCAR’s history. Numerous changes to the challengers will make it difficult for the drivers to adapt to the new machinery at first, which raised concerns. However, Joey Logano, who had been a part of the car presentation, was sure that the competitiveness level would not be affected next year.

“Absolutely not. I think it’s actually more exciting and probably a little bit more fun for all of us because the opportunity is there. Any time there’s change, there’s opportunity,” Logano said,

The Team Penske driver also added that the new cars would provide that platform for changes and reevaluation of NASCAR traditions.

“We have an amazing opportunity in front of us to redo everything, right? Talking about the way we race, strategy. What about the pit crew? The pit stops have to change. We have single lugs on these things. That will be different. There’s opportunity to figure that out for the competitors. That will be your opportunity to win.”

Any time they change the rules to a car, whether it’s spoiler heights, splitters, going to a completely new car like Next Gen here, it presents an opportunity to figure it out before the next guy does. We have that.”

Speaking about competition aspect again, the 2018 Cup Series champion emphasized that the changes at the top of the standings would be quite frequent.

“It’s on us at this point, right? There are so many parts and pieces of this car that everyone is going to have, right? You’re not going to get beat by someone having lighter spindles or have a part or a piece that you can’t develop or your team cannot financially invest in. That’s not going to be your excuse anymore. This is going to be about the best of the best, the cream will rise to the top. It’s just what this will be.”

“It will change the first few races, for sure. I think you’re going to see just kind of this back and forth where there might be a team that hits on a setup that might work at mile-and-a-half tracks, then one on short tracks. It’s just going to keep changing back and forth. It’s just how our sport works. Nobody sits still for a long time.”

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