Former MotoGP rider, Jorge Lorenzo, has said in his weekly blog that nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi seems “slow and imprecise” after yet another dismal weekend.

2021 is Valentino Rossi’s worst season on record. He has yet to get out of Q1, set personal records on worst qualifying and race positions, and has only scored a few points coming into round 5 in France.

Lorenzo, former teammate of Rossi and three-time MotoGP champion, has weighed in on gossip surrounding the Italian legend future.

“I expected a lot more from him in Jerez, or at least an improvement in his results. They didn’t show him much on TV, and in one of the few times he was going off track, he was imprecise.” Lorenzo said.

“And instead he is normally one of the most precise. Not only is he slow, he is slow in his movements, but sometimes he is also imprecise in corner entry. We’ll see if he will be able to surprise us.”

Le Mans is a bit of a bogey circuit for Rossi, who has not won a race there since 2008, but races like Catalunya and Assen where he has had plenty of recent success are not too far away, and it is there where we will get an idea of his plans for 2022.

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