McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl said it’s just a ‘matter of time’ until their new driver Daniel Ricciardo gets back to his best level of performance after a difficult start to the season with his new squad.

Ricciardo struggled in previous qualifying sessions and was eliminated in Q1 at Portugal, but the Australian managed to recover during the races but is yet to beat his teammate Lando Norris in regards to finishing position.

Andreas Seidl said he has no concerns regarding Ricciardo’s shape, saying the Australian is yet to adjust to his new car and team, explaining his lack of comfort with his new drive “doesn’t allow him to continuously push the car at the limit,” making it feel like “running on a knife’s edge.”

“But that’s definitely something where I think we made steps for this weekend together with him, despite the disappointment in qualifying,” Seidl said after the Portuguese Grand Prix.

“We simply have to keep working together with him in order to improve his situation. As always it isn’t only the driver’s side but, we also look deeply on the team side into this and see how we can help with improvements we bring to the car.

“Maybe the setup changes, in order to lift the performance.”

Seidl explained the Ricciardo is “probably dissapointed the most” with himself rather than with the team as he’s not able to extract the full performance of the car.

“Of course, he’s the only one who is probably disappointed the most, because he knows he has it in him,” he said.

“He’s disappointed that he can’t extract the performance of our car yet. But at the same time, he’s very experienced. I think we are also very experienced on the team side.

“It’s simply important to stay calm, work through this integration or adaptation process together as a team. I think he feels very comfortable and happy in the team.

“He’s also very happy with how we deal with this current challenge together. I’m 100% sure it is just a matter of more time, and then we will see Daniel back to the performance which we all know.”

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