NASCAR has unveiled the next generation cars which will be introduced from 2022 this Wednesday. Alongside the unveil, the organization released a spec sheet but did not include the horsepower.

If you want to read all of the Next Gen technical details that we know of, go here.

NASCAR’s Chief Racing Development Officer, Steve O’Donnell, said that the horsepower from the Next Gen cars will be in a “somewhat similar range,” fitting inside a window with which the industry is comfortable with.

“I think somewhat similar range,” O’Donnell said. “We’re still trying to dial in a few things, still a couple other conversations to have with the industry, the engine builders as we see kind of leading into the next couple of Superspeedway races, the All-Star race, and then make a final decision.

“We’re within a window the industry is comfortable with. We know that we can take that to future technologies as well, so we’ll be somewhat close to where we’re at today but still not finalized.”

O’Donnell also talked about how to judge the cars. He says what’s important for NASCAR is that teams are competitive and that the leaders and race winners are mixed, and that speed is not the key focus.

“We’ll look at not necessarily speeds, we want to look at the safety aspect for sure, but we’re going to look at how many teams can be competitive, the number of different leaders, the number of different winners, the OEMs, are they all able to compete.

“And then longer term, what is this doing for ownership, not only for our existing owners but potentially new owners and then from there looking at OEMs. This won’t just be kind of a one or two to three-month overview for us. We’re going to look at it from a long-term [perspective]. This was a project that’s taken a long time, and the reason is we want this to go out into the future and be a product that can not only race in ’22 but well beyond that for the fans.

Ultimately the fans are going to judge this, and if the fans like what they see, we’ll continue to do more of that.

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