Mercedes Lewis Hamilton has backtracked on earlier remarks that the Pirelli tires were too hard at the Portuguese Grand Prix after his win on Sunday.

After Friday’s practice at Portimao, Hamilton said that the Pirelli tire selection was too hard for the circuit, as cars were dancing around trying to find grip.

“It feels like we’ve come with too hard a compound in my opinion,” he said. “I think it should have been mid-range, C3, C4.”

After his win though, he said the tires were no too hard, and made for better racing regardless, after we saw stellar moved at turn 1 throughout the field.

“The tire is slightly different and so there’s a slightly different approach in terms of how you treat the tires. It’s not a massive difference, people wouldn’t notice otherwise normally,” Hamilton said after the race.

“But this track there’s not a huge amount of grip. You’ve got the hardest compounds but being that they are the hardest compounds means that they can do the race distance and there’s not a huge amount of wear.”

“So I think it was the right tire for this weekend.”

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