Romain Grosjean talked about his huge crash at the Bahrain GP saying that despite being very close to death, it had a positive impact on his life. 

Grosjean was almost uninjured after the incident, despite having burns on his hands and ankles. It was not an easy recovery, but he came back to racing, joining the IndyCar series. As already said before, he admitted that the crash had some positive effects on his life. 

“It’s a big thing in my life, but I must say I’m very happy nowadays,” he told the BBC. “That experience was a tough one, I don’t wish anyone to go through that, but also made my life better.”

“I worked very quickly after the crash. Tuesday night I think it was in Bahrain, with my psychologist. We went through different things because you can’t leave an experience like this without having some consequences. But we worked through all of the phases that were a bit difficult at the time.”

After three months from his incident, Romain made his debut in the IndyCar series with the team Coyne/Rick Ware for some testing. He then participated in his first race last month. 

“When I jumped back in a racing car, things felt pretty normal,” he said. “I felt [at] home, even though it was a different car.

“Then the big question was how the first race was going to be when I was restarting the season in IndyCar. And actually, it went well, and since then, I feel good in a race car.

“It is my passion, it is my life. And I guess it’s also made [me the] dad that I am because I live what I like to live. We’ve done great work with the psychologist. The first couple of weeks were a bit tricky, but after that, things got smooth, and as I say, I’m happy.”

Despite almost six months went by since his crash, Grosjean is still recovering from the burns to his hands. 

“The right-hand side is perfect, I just need to avoid the sun for a couple of years,” Grosjean explained.

“The left hand is still quite red. It is not pretty. It’s not very comfortable. But with creaming every hour or so and some treatment and a bit of work through the day it works very well.

“The most important thing is that I can play with my kids, I can cuddle them, and also I can drive a racing car.”

The French driver also wanted to set himself a date on which he wanted to be able to fully use his hands since he believes that every sportsman needs a target to come back from an injury. 

“I always think a sportsman needs a target to come back from injury. And for me, the 31st of January was kind of the date where I wanted to be able to use my hands properly, and my left thumb with the ligament issues, I had to go to surgery for the ligament.

“But I always put it that as a date because I knew in February I wanted to go and drive the IndyCar. So for me, it was a way to speed up the process, to keep doing the rehab, and to push my body to heal faster.”

Finally, since Grosjean missed the last two races of his last Formula 1 season, Toto Wolff, Mercedes Team Principal, offered him a chance of driving a Mercedes car. The date for this event is set to be in June, during the weekend of the French GP. 

“It will be a very, very special day,” he said. “The first time would be at the French Grand Prix, 27th of June, for a few laps in front of my home crowd. It’s great to see that even with Covid, the French Grand Prix can get few fans. So that’s going to be a good way to say goodbye to my fans.

“Then, on Tuesday after that, we’ve got a full day of testing. That one is more like for me to enjoy a full day in the car give as much feedback as I can to the engineers and work around it. But it’s just going to be a beautiful experience, and I’m very lucky to have that because that is very rare in Formula 1.”

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