Haas intends to make adjustments in communication with its drivers in order to prevent incidents, similar to the one involving Nikita Mazepin and Sergio Perez.

At the Portuguese GP, Haas’ driver Nikita Mazepin nearly got into a shunt with the race leader Sergio Perez, who was going to lap the rookie. After the race, Haas’ team principal Guenther Steiner believed that Mazepin had not blocked the Mexican on purpose.

“I think the thing was not intentional and nothing bad happened in the end. You know it never looks good, but the five seconds I don’t think made a big difference,” Steiner said.

“In the end, I think Checo accepted that one, you know. He [Nikita] apologised to him. He said: ‘hey it was genuinely a mistake, there was no intention of anything’. So these things happen,” he added.

Steiner also admitted that the team would put extra efforts in communication with both drivers to prevent any similar incidents in the future.

“So, obviously, we need to improve communication when you come out of the pits and somebody is coming,” he commented.

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