Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz said it’s difficult to take any positives from the race at Portugal as the Spaniard finished outside of the point-scoring positions.

“It’s difficult to think about positive,” he said after the race.

“I’m a competitive guy. I know that today it was in our hands and in my hands to score a top-five, top-six result with a decent race execution and the pace that we’ve shown all weekend.

“So to come out with zero points and only 11th place, it’s difficult talking about the positives.”

Sainz had a strong weekend in Portugal, qualifying fifth for the Grand Prix. However, the Spaniard admitted that hindsight data was not accurate as cars benefited more with the hard compound than with the mediums, a strategy Ferrari had gone for.

“Hindsight is a beautiful thing and on hindsight, clearly, the hard today was simply a stronger tire, particularly on our car,” he explained.

“The combination of the medium with our car was just not working well today. In hindsight for sure, we would have done things very differently. But with the data we had available before the race was we thought that the soft-medium strategy was going to be okay and it clearly wasn’t.

“So a lot to analyze and a lot to go through now in the next three or four days. I’m sure we will take the right conclusions and improve going forward.

“The feeling with the car, the pace all weekend, even the race based up until the graining was good. I will think more positively tomorrow for sure.

“But today, you guys know how competitive I am and how angry or just upset I am about the situation. So let’s see when everything calms down and I digest this.”

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