Dave Robson, director of vehicle performances at Williams, admitted that it is preferable for them to keep calm as a long-awaited Q3 appearance or point finish is close to becoming real but will depend on the other team’s development in the next weeks.

In yesterday’s Portuguese Grand Prix qualifying, George Russell nailed an almost perfect lap considering the performances of the FW43B. The Briton found himself just 57 thousand of a second short of a first Q3 appearance, behind the wheel of a Williams single-seater.

Nonetheless, Robson keeps it real, saying that the Grove-based team should keep its feet on the ground, considering that other teams are also evolving and they will have to keep up with this development rhythm. 

He pointed out the example of Alpine, saying that Williams was hoping to close the gap to the French team but did not manage to do so as their rivals brought good improvements to their single-seaters, which helped Ocon clinch the 6th position in the qualifying session. 

Earlier this season, Jost Capito mentioned that the team is already putting a consequent part of their forces on the development of their 2022 challenger. It is also expected that all the teams will stop the development of their cars at the horizon of the summer break. Williams will, therefore, have a lot to play for in the following weeks, as good improvements could help them secure a very good second half of the season.

“A lot still do, but [I’m] much more hopeful than I was 12 months ago,” Robson admitted, asked if a Q3 appearance was inevitable for Williams, before the end of the season.

“I think we’re heading in the right direction the momentum is good.”

“I’m glad we backed up the performance in Imola [qualifying]. There’s still a lot of work to do. (…) I think the Alpine is interesting because they seem to have [been] talking about a few upgrades and they seem to have been pretty good. Obviously, Alonso struggled a bit in qualifying, but Ocon is quick.”

“And that’s a bit of a shame because we thought we were getting pretty close to them and they seem to have taken a bit of a step.”

“So yeah, I wouldn’t say it’s inevitable. We’re pushing towards that top 10, but it’s so dependent on how each team develops their car over the coming weeks now.”

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