Sebastian Vettel does not see any controversy in Lance Stroll’s getting the upgrades to his car first.

Aston Martin Racing prepared some upgrades for the Portuguese GP, but the package was given only to Lance Stroll, while Sebastian Vettel had to drive with the older specification. However, the German did not have any hard feelings about it.

“Obviously he felt a lot comfortable straight away with the car compared to me. So I think it was logical,” Vettel said.

At the same time, the 4-time world champion admitted that there had been a difference in car performance.

“Obviously we have a big split between the cars now in terms of qualifying positions, just the other way round [compared to] the last races. Ideally, we [would] have them closer together, to also work a bit more together in the race. But I think we still have to and want to improve,” Vettel commented.

Despite getting to the Q3 for the first time 2021, Vettel supposed that he still needed to adapt to the new car.

“It’s going to be a long season. But these couple of races now are very crucial to get on top of it. We’re still changing a lot of things one session to another, to just explore the limits.”

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