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Relationship with Mercedes not damaged by Imola crash, says Russell

George Russell at the Portuguese GP. Credits: Williams Racing.

George Russell affirms that this relationship with Mercedes has not been affected by his crash with Valtteri Bottas in Imola.

George Russell’s race in Imola ended in probably the worst way possible after being involved in big crash midway through the race. The thing that added even more controversy was the fact he crashed put with Valtteri Bottas from Mercedes. Such incidents make an impact on the relationship between a team and a driver, but it is not the case for Mercedes and Russell.

“Our relationship has not been damaged at all following the incident. If anything, quite the opposite. And likewise with everybody at Williams, they’ve been incredibly supportive, they want me to attack, go for opportunities and we’re proud to have been in that position, we were in 10th position and fighting for points on merit… so we’ve got to be proud of the progress.”

At the same time, the Williams Racing driver admitted that his reaction after the shunt was inappropriate.

“I think the actions I did afterwards were not my true self. I sort of went against my instincts to walk away and almost show a bit of emotion, which was probably a very poor judgement call in the heat of the moment. [And that] led on to a few more things later that afternoon. That’s why I felt like it was necessary for me to put [the statement] out on Monday morning to apologize for my actions,” he said.

“Because I do want to lead by example and I do want to be a role model and those actions after the incident were not ‘leading by example’,” he added.

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