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McLaren urges secret ballots for important F1 votes

McLaren Racing’s CEO Zak Brown believes that serious votings should be held with secret ballots to prevent extra pressure.

All important decisions in Formula 1 are made by the virtue of voting of all 10 teams. Sometimes, they create alliances to ensure that their mutual interests are safe. McLaren’s CEO Zak Brown supposes that it is not good for the sport and offers the introduction of secret ballots.

“Currently, decisions about the future of the sport can be halted by a minority, rather than majority, and they are further skewed by some teams’ voting power being in favour of their affiliated team partner,” Brown wrote in his column at McLaren website.

“There have even been instances when an affiliated team, to satisfy its bigger partner, has voted in favour of a clear disadvantage to itself. This isn’t sport. This isn’t putting the fans first.”

“It is a situation that must be addressed and so we call for secret ballot voting to be implemented in all F1 Commission meetings with immediate effect.”

“In other sports the regulatory body has the power of governance because they always focus on what is in the best interests of the sport overall, which should be the key consideration in Formula 1.

“With a change in the voting procedures, it could lead to more agile decision-making that would ultimately benefit the interests of the fans and in doing so the sport at large, including the participants.”

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