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Being out “not an excuse” for Alonso regarding adaptation to Alpine

Fernando Alonso (Alpine) at the Imola press conference. Credit: Alpine Media

Fernando Alonso scored his first point since returning to Formula 1 at the Imola Grand Prix. With a tenth-place finish, he broke into the top 10 for the first time since his return to Formula 1.  

After failing to finish the race at the first Grand Prix of the season in Bahrain and scoring “only” one point at Imola, he nevertheless wants to make “no excuses” for his performance and says that he cannot yet cooperate 100% with the car. After his 10th place in Imola he was “a bit down”.

With the Alpine A521 it does not harmonize yet in such a way as it wants the two-time world champion, so that he can get the maximum out of the car. But he also knows that it wasn’t just like that with him, but with everyone else who changed teams:

“There are things you discover with races and with experience. So that’s something that is not different for me or is bigger to me as it’s not that I changed team, I changed sport basically. It will take time, but it is not an excuse and I need to work harder and prepare things better into the weekend.”

“I’ve changed teams and categories many times in my career and it was never a problem, and it will not be a problem this time, either. Soon we’ll be at 100%.”

Asked how he felt after the Imola GP, after actually crossing the finish line in 11th place but then advancing to 10th as Raikkonen was demoted, he replied:

“I’m happy to take the point and to see both cars in the points but yeah, the feelings after Imola, they were a little bit down because I think the weekend in general, I was not extracting the maximum from the car. So that was not easy, but let’s move on and we prepare even more [for] this race in the simulator and with more analysis, so let’s try again.”

He explained the difficulties with the car this way:

“A few areas in the car. Obviously to know where exactly the limit of the car is something that takes time. You may feel that you’re at 100% but there is 101% to search and to go for that limit and then we‘re still working in a couple of comfort areas for me in terms of feedback and steering wheel feeling, or things that for all of us are different, and you need to fine-tune sometimes for driving style and feeling, so we are still in that phase.”

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