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Aston Martin’s problems with brakes revealed

Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin) next to his AMR21. Credit: Reddit.

Aston Martin has announced the reasons for their problems with Sebastian Vettel’s car. Overheated rear brakes were the cause of the German’s misfortune.

The reaction to the brake problems was quickly analyzed by the British racing team and they brought the four-time world champion in for a pit stop. Now Aston Martin claims that they have the problems under control and that this mistake will not occur again.

The “misfortune” in Imola already took face on the way to the starting grid, when AMR21 had visibly smoking rear brakes. The second Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll was then even asked to drive faster so that the rear brakes would cool down and the fire would go out. This also succeeded.

The German was less fortunate. Work on his car could not be completed in time and he therefore had to start from the pit lane.

Stroll now revealed the problems: “For sure, we know what happened. It was just our heating strategy that was too aggressive. We didn’t run in the wet in Imola before, so we got a few things wrong, but we are on top of it now.”

The young Canadian eventually finished the race in eighth place after being demoted one spot for an illegal overtaking maneuver. Vettel was classified P15 despite retiring the car with one lap to go.

With this result, Stroll currently stands at 5 points in the championship, while Vettel is still without a single point. But for the German, the results so far have not been representative and is therefore confident about the future:

“It’s not probably the position we’d love to be in for this year, but we accept the challenge and we’ll try to get back as quick as we can. Obviously, you are fighting all the other teams and they’re not on holiday so it’s not an easy take to catch up, but I think we are trying to do everything we can.”

“I think probably the first two races we had are not a… fair reflection of where I am, where we are,” he added, “because as I said, I still feel that mileage in the car helps me to get things together to be able to string the laps together.”

“So, I’m quite curious for the next couple of races and I wouldn’t like to take a shortcut now to halfway through the season or the end of the season or to next year to see where we are. I think the work we can do right now is very, very essential to whatever comes in the following races, or the following time after that.”

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