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Seidl impressed Brown with his focus

Andreas Seidl. Credits: Sphera Sports (Twitter).

McLaren’s CEO Zak Brown is very happy with how Andreas Seidl operates the workflow during race weekends.

It goes without saying that McLaren is one of the most improved teams on the F1 grid these days. After a period of struggles, the Woking-based team is back in the mix and is one of the contenders for the third place in the Constructors’ Championship once again. One of the key parts of McLaren’s success is undoubtedly its team principal Andreas Seidl. The CEO of McLaren Racing Zak Brown acknowledges Seidl’s hard work and emphasizes his virtues that helped the team.

“It still impresses me how focussed he is, how humble he is. He kind of lets the results speak for themself,” Brown told RaceFans.

“He’s focussed on creating the right team culture and empowers people. He delegates and he empowers his people,” he added.

“Some people might think of that type of personality as a micro-manager. He knows exactly what he wants, he sets clear goals and objectives for the individual people within his team. But he empowers them to do it and much like I do with him, he does with his people, he lets them make decisions and he only steps in if he really feels he needs to.”

“You’ve hired them to do a job, you can’t then be micromanaging them. You hire them to do a job and if they don’t, then you have a conversation. But you can’t get in there and meddle because then you frustrate them. So I think look at Andreas and I, we’ve got an outstanding working relationship. He knows my sandbox, I know his sandbox, and we work together brilliantly,” Brown said in the conclusion.

After the two opening races in the 2021 F1 season, McLaren sits third in the Constructors’ Championship with 41 points scored.

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