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No Q3 tire rule in sprint race events, Pirelli confirms

Mick Schumacher at the Bahrain GP. Credit: Haas F1 Team, LAT Photo.

Pirelli has confirmed that the Q3 tire rule will not be in effect during weekends with Sprint Qualifying races.

Formula 1 will have a unique addition to the 2021 race weekend format in Sprint Qualifying. 100-km long sprint races will take place on 3 race weekends throughout the year. They will determine the starting grid for the respective Grand Prix. That will move the traditional qualifying on Friday and it will make up the grid for the Sprint Qualifying itself.

With all the new features, a huge question arises regarding tires and how it should be dealt with. The current rule tells that if the driver advances to the Q3 of qualifying, he should start the race on the following day on the exact tire compound with which he got into the qualifying finale.

The F1 tire supplier Pirelli has confirmed that this rule will not be used at these 3 race weekends with sprint races, which means there will be no relation between tire compounds in qualifying, Sprint Qualifying, and Grand Prix race. At the same time, the drivers will be required to only use the softest compound during qualifying.

The venues of Sprint Qualifying races are yet to be officially revealed, but Silverstone is likely to be the first track to host the new race weekend event.

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