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Byron would not have believed he would finish 2nd after wreck

The stage 2 wreck at Talladega. Credits: NASCAR, Getty Images.

William Byron admits that after the stage 2 wreck he has not thought about ending up 2nd at the finish line.

William Byron finished the Cup Series race at Talladega 2nd, just 0.1s away from the race winner Brad Keselowski. However, the no.24 Hendrick Motorsports driver had been involved in a big wreck at the end of stage 2. Thanfully, the car was not damaged much and Byron kept on going to get the impressive result. William Byron spoke about the race as well as the wreck.

“I mean, probably not [about believing in a 2nd place finish after the wreck]. I feel like first when those things happen, you’re obviously trying to avoid the wreck, then that’s over. From me trying to avoid the wreck, I got hit from the inside, spun through the grass. Luckily the splitter stayed on the car. That’s pretty critical. Obviously, that would ruin your day pretty quick,” he said. “We were able to slide up the racetrack. Luckily nobody hit us. Good job to those guys. Put left-side tires on, put right-side tires on, get some of the damage fixed, get it reasonable to go out there.”

Byron also acknowledged that the teamwork was a huge factor in his comeback.

“Yeah, our guys did an awesome job. It’s really just a product of being a good race team, heads-up stuff about tire changes and where the pace car is, all those little details that kept us on the lead lap and in the game. I never really count us out if we have a manageable race car. That was shown today.”

In the end, he shared his comments on the race finish, stating that he was not in a race-winning position.

“Just unfortunately at the end nobody would really help us. We just had to be the pusher and try to push our way towards the front.”

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