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Alonso grateful to work with very dedicated Ocon

Fernando Alonso in the A521. Credits: Alpine.

Fernando Alonso admitted to being very impressed by his new teammate, Esteban Ocon. The Spaniard finds him greatly devoted to the team and he likes working alongside him.

Alonso already mentioned being totally dedicated to his new team, as he thinks he will be able to fight for a championship with them, soon or later. It was suggested multiple times that the Spaniard is already putting his experience at the service of the team as he is doing everything he can to improve the A521 in every possible aspect.

To be in a good working atmosphere, it is probably better to avoid any rivalry inside the team like the Spaniard had with Lewis Hamilton, for example. Nonetheless, it seems like Ocon is sharing his teammate’s view of the situation, as Alonso pointed out the great dedication of his young collaborator and he appreciates the fact that they share pieces of advice with each other, in order to push the team further, which is very rare in Formula One.

“I know that he puts a lot of dedication into the team. It’s good for both drivers when you have a teammate who works very hard, so he’s doing that,” Alonso told

“He’s very professional, he works very hard, not only here trackside but also in the simulator. We shared a lot of stuff. While either of us is in the simulator, we try to be connected and work towards a better car.”

After Ocon ended Alonso’s impressive streak of outqualifying his teammates 27 times in a row, before finishing in front of him during Sunday’s race in Imola, the 39-year-old also admits being impressed by Ocon’s pace.

“Definitely I’m impressed and I’m happy to have Esteban alongside me.”

Even though he is happy with his teammate, the Spaniard keeps it real, saying that you always want to be in front of your teammate as a Formula One driver and that he will do everything he can to come out on top.

“At the same time, you want to be as fast as your teammate or a little bit faster every time. This time it didn’t work into that way, but I will try the next one.”

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