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Jake Dennis wanted to be overtaken by Alex Lynn

Jake Dennis at the Valencia E-Prix. Courtesy of Formula E

At the press conference after the Valencia E-Prix, the top 3 took questions from the media. Jake Dennis, Andre Lotterer, and Alex Lynn were among them.

Jake Dennis said that his plan was actually for Alex Lynn to overtake him, but that did not happen because Lynn wanted to save energy and stayed behind Dennis. Because he is also a rookie, it was good for him to show his opponents that he was strong and that he was a force to be reckoned with.

Andre Lotterer was very happy with the team’s performance and knows that the strategy was risky, but it paid off and that was the only reason he was here on the podium today. He also knows that it is hard in Formula E not to be involved in some kind of crash or incident.

Alex Lynn confirmed the race winner’s claim that he did not want to overtake him and that his strategy was to attack at the end and wait to see what Dennis did. Mahindra Racing had planned a major update for Monaco, Lynn said. He would not say more about it, though, just that they would be closer to the front teams in the next few races.

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