Mercedes F1 Team Principal believes the Formula 1 field will become “totally disjointed” and “back to square 1” when the 2022 regulations come effective.

“If you keep the rules, the field converges,” Wolff said. “For those in front, the gains get smaller and smaller, even with more effort.

“If you look at qualifying today, it’s tip-top – the way I felt that was the direction we should go.”

Wolff said he “promises” next year’s pack will be totally disjointed due to the new regulations, saying Mercedes may not be at the front, but back to ‘square one’.

“I promise you that next year, we’ll have another situation where we’ll have a totally disjointed field. Maybe not with Mercedes in front, but certainly back to square one.”

Talking about the current season, Wolff said Mercedes continues to struggle in keeping up with Red Bull, saying they are behind ‘in all areas of the car’.

“We are behind Red Bull at the moment, in all areas of the car,” he said.

“We have to catch up first. I think the racing gods were kind to us in Bahrain, that we got the most out of the car [to win the race]. That was good in the race.

“If everything runs cleanly and everyone stays faultless [in qualifying], we are two-tenths behind Max [Verstappen] on the grid, and not in front.

“But in sport, everything always turns out differently, and Lewis really conjured up a super lap. That’s why he was in front.

“We’re stretching with everything we’ve got against what we think is a better Red Bull package.”

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