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McLaren wants extended testing in 2022

Daniel Ricciardo at the McLaren car-launch. Credit: Reddit

After a rather shorter pre-season test in Bahrain, McLaren wants the tests to be longer again in 2022. That’s what McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl is calling for.

The reason for the shortening this year was the excessive costs that would have been incurred if the tests had lasted longer.

Of course, this was a slap in the face for the teams, who had mechanical problems with the cars and were therefore able to drive less. It also made it more difficult for many drivers, including Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren), to settle into the new teams.

Seidl knows that this leaves the new drivers with a huge gap and that this will show in the first races.

“I won’t say it’s a surprise. We know it’s not just straightforward to jump from one car into another one, when you only have one and a half days of testing. I think there’s no point complaining about the one and a half days of testing, because that was an agreement between all teams in order to only have one test this year to save costs. So, no point going into that too much.”

“We all hope that for next year, we go back to more testing days again, especially knowing that we have completely new cars next year.”

Another requirement of the German was that testing then be held at a distance. This gives the teams more time to think about the developments and to see where they can still gain time.

For the British racing team, this was a double burden this year, as they not only had a new driver, but also had to accept the changeover of the engine from Renault to Mercedes.

All in all, it was too little time and that’s also what the team boss says: “In my point of view, or at least from the McLaren point of view, it makes sense to do two tests with a good gap also in between, in order to be able to digest what we have learned from the first test, and also to be able to react with these brand new cars.”

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