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Fiorio: Alonso made fewer mistakes than Leclerc at Ferrari

Charles Leclerc. Credits: Scuderia Ferrari (Twitter).

Former Ferrari sporting director Cesare Fiorio has said that Fernando Alonso made less mistakes at Ferrari than Charles Leclerc now does.

Fiorio said in an interview recently that he thinks that although Leclerc is a “capable” driver, he makes too many mistakes at Ferrari, something which Alonso did not.

“The comparison with Alonso seems a bit disproportionate to me, because Leclerc, despite being very strong and capable of setting incredible times to classify the car above its possibilities, still makes some mistakes. Alonso at the time made less,” he said.

Fiorio also commented on Carlos Sainz, who he believes could compete with and outclass Leclerc once he is accustomed to the car.

“In my opinion, Sainz is very strong and in the race he is already strong like Leclerc, but in qualifying he still makes some mistakes, probably because he still doesn’t know the car well. But he is definitely a driver who is a guarantee.”

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