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Extra lap at Valencia E-Prix was “surprising” for FIA

The Valencia E-Prix round 1. Courtesy of Formula E.

The FIA official has admitted that an extra lap in the Valencia E-Prix round 1 conclusion was unexpected.

The biggest discussion point of Saturday’s Valencia E-Prix has undoubtedly been the final stretch, in which ther majority of the drivers did not manage to save enough energy for the chequered flag. The FIA also made a comment regarding the controversial ending, emphasizing it has not been anticipated.

“I don’t know if it’s a mistake. I think it’s a global approach of the end of the race,” the FIA director of Formula E and innovative sport projects Frederic Bertrand said.

“For sure, it was surprising that this choice was done this way [by Da Costa] to have that extra lap. I would say in the feeling being done, for sure it was clearly making life difficult to a lot of drivers and the leader in particular,” he added.

Bertrand also spoke about the fact that there was not so much time to make the right decision.

“It’s a surprising choice, probably linked to a lot of specific way of managing the energy for them, also and understanding the way we can accumulate on it before. When you look at all the circumstances and the way this happened, it’s a very tricky race. At the end there is in a few seconds something which happens, which maybe is not the right decision at the end.”

“But it’s far better to and far easier to say what was wrong after than before.”

Furthermore, Bertrand commented on how would that finish affect Formula E.

 “I can understand two things. The first is the fact that this is not the image we have normally at the end of the race. To have this thing coming into the system could be the same with fuel or whatever. At the end, you give a quantity to drive with and if you obtain that quantity, and you go further, you are in trouble,” he remarked.

“This is clearly not the way we like it. We don’t think it’s the type of end of race we would like to have every weekend. Once was clearly enough, and I hope everybody learned and it will never happen again.”

“Are we afraid of the impact? On one side, yes. You will always have a lot of people saying that it’s a frustrating end to the race. What is clear is that we hope that this will be the lesson for everyone so that we don’t face these types of issues anymore.”

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