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De Vries claims ‘satisfying win’ as others struggled with energy management

Nyck de Vries (NLD) Mercedes Benz EQ, EQ Silver Arrow 02

Nyck de Vries won round 5 of the FIA Formula E World Championship at Valencia in Spain. The driver said it was a “satisfying win” as he battled throughout the race with Da Costa, unaware of what was going on behind.

“I didn’t know what was going on behind me, so for me it didn’t feel like a crazy race,” de Vries said.

“We had a good first couple of laps and then we were settling behind Antonio [Felix da Costa]. Then basically we were saving energy all the way through the end.”

De Vries admitted that the last Safety Car of the race caused confusion among the teams, as they were not sure about how many laps remained in the race.

“The last Safety Car became a little bit unclear whether it was two laps or one lap to go, basically a similar scenario as Rome race 2.

“We weren’t expecting Antonio to slow down that significantly, so actually it was two laps to go and by that point the energy target had reduced significantly, and I saw that Antonio took off and I was getting pressure from the Mahindras.

“But I knew I was in an energy advantage, I think I had 3 percent more versus the cars around me, so I was told in the radio to stick to target, so I was trying to stay in front, and I overconsumed a bit in that lap because I didn’t want to lose a position.

“And then, in the last lap everyone disappeared and Rowland was behind me.”

The Mercedes driver highlighted the performance of his team on a difficult weekend, as De Vries had the start to race with a 5-place penalty.

“The team did an awesome job executing that, not in easy circumstances, you know maybe behind me it was a crazy race but I was always in the fight with Antonio, so to me it was a very satisfying win.”

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