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Buemi dissatisfied with Lotterer’s action on lap 1

Sebastien Buemi in Valencia. Credits: FIA Formula E Media Area.

Sebastien Buemi cannot accept his retirement after crashing with Andre Lotterer on the first lap of the Valencia E-Prix.

Buemi did not enjoy the start of his season with the Nissan team, which is set to introduce its new powertrain next month at the Monaco E-Prix.

For the Valencia race, he qualified in a great P4, but his hopes of stepping on the podium were taken away on lap one by his rival Lotterer. After this crash, his car got stuck in the gravel, and he was forced to retire. 

Lotterer was fighting against Norman Nato at Turn 8. While they were going side by side, the Porsche driver missed the braking point and hit Buemi from behind. Due to this crash, a drive-through penalty was given to the Porsche driver, and that cost him a lot of time. 

Buemi said that both he and Nissan were extremely disappointed in missing out on a great opportunity to score some good points after being competitive for the whole weekend. 

“All the hard work, to be spun around after only one lap, it’s tough. Andre has a lot of experience, it’s a shame this happened.

“I didn’t do an amazing job [this season], the car had some issues, and the only time things were working well, we got spun around. 

“Who knows what we could have done today. I think the car was good. The only time we are really good we get spun around. If you have people crashing into you, doing mistakes, then that’s it.”

Lotterer said that he could not do many things to avoid crashing into Buemi on the opening lap. 

“Honestly, I don’t know what I could do differently,” Lotterer told “For me, Sebastien was quite far away. I was battling with Norman, and suddenly Sebastien is there, I think the layout of the track is a bit clumsy. 

“We saw a few collisions in that corner, unfortunately, I couldn’t avoid it. So sorry for Seb, and it was impossible to see him through Norman. I mean I was like say ‘okay, I’m going to be there for the next corner.’ Just bad timing.”

As the race continued, Lotterer suffered a brakes problem which caused another incident. The Porsche driver hit Edoardo Mortara in Turn 1. Pascal Wehrlein, Lotterer’s teammate, had a problem with his brakes as well and was therefore forced to retire. 

“There the thing is I had a problem with brakes at the end,” the German driver told 

“I mean I still had brakes, but I couldn’t stop the car as usual and couldn’t avoid the collision because I was actually. Mortara was on 235[kw attack mode] and he was ahead so I struggled to decelerate.”

Mortara spent some words about his race: “Until that point, we made up a lot of  

positions, we were starting P16, and I was already back to P7 or P8.

“At that moment, I went off the track, start to fight again with a couple of cars. There was the incident with Andre that finished our race.”

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