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MotoGP is example of small team success, thinks Gasly

Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) in Imola. Credits: Red Bull Content Pool.

Pierre Gasly believes that with the new rules that are going to be introduced in 2022, AlphaTauri could start winning races regularly.

To reduce the gap between the ten teams in Formula 1, a budget cap, and new aerodynamic rules have been introduced. 

Gasly said that the satellite teams in Moto GP are the perfect example to show that smaller squads that have less money can become successful in the future. 

“We are talking quite some years because obviously, you don’t become like a top team within a year or two,” he said. “It’s a long-term project.

“They are putting the effort and doing a lot to create their own identity and be a strong contender in Formula 1. It’s too early to know if they will have everything they require to fight against teams like Mercedes and Red Bull.

“I think today, no, it’s too small a team. But then if they put the resources and the money and the infrastructure to do it, then why not?

“We’ve seen in Moto GP some factory or private teams can fight against the top teams. If the regulation is also going that way, I think it’s something that could be possible.”

Plus, the French driver believes that eventful races are needed, like the one in Monza last year, where he scored his first F1 victory with AlphaTauri. 

“I think race incidents are part of the sports otherwise, honestly, Lewis will win every day,” said Gasly. “And I don’t think that’s something we want or we expect.

“At the end of the day, the reality is that there are differences between the cars, and if there will be no race incidents or no unexpected things happening in the race, then that will be boring. And I [don’t] think that’s why people watch F1 races.

“Obviously, the Mercedes had their issues, but there are a lot of people that could have won that race – Carlos [Sainz Jnr], Lando [Norris], Bottas came back also was in P6 before the middle of the race – and no one did it. So I think we fully deserved it.

“When Sergio [Perez] won [the Sakhir Grand Prix] Mercedes had all sorts of issues, and then you could say the same. But I believe you can say the same thing as long as Lewis doesn’t win, there will be always something happening to him or Mercedes.”

Despite AlphaTauri, previously known as Toro Rosso, was born as a team that could help Red Bull to make young drivers grow, Gasly said that he could stay with the team for quite some time. 

“Why not? At the end of the day, my target in F1 is very clear, I just want to fight for wins and championships, and that’s my goal.

“I’m in the sport, and I’m working every day. I’m training every day to one day to be in a position that I can fight for world championships. And if this project works out and puts us in a position that we can be fighting, then why not? I don’t see a problem.”

Pierre also thinks that the main drivers to beat in the future will be Charles Leclerc, George Russell, and Max Verstappen. 

“Max, for sure. He is already there, and it’s a matter of time before he’s world champion in a car that allows him to be world champion. And Charles will be up there.”

“I never race against George, but I could see him fighting up there as well,” he added.

Finally, he said that also Esteban Ocon could be in the fight, but he is still not sure whether it will be like that or not. 

“It’s a bit early [to say]. He’s a good driver. But so far, I think we need to wait a bit longer to see if he’s able to fight. I think Max and Charles have shown enough to show that they have the potential to be up there, that’s for sure.”

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