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Mazepin “focused” on gradually learning in F1

Nikita Mazepin at the Emilia Romagna GP. Credits: Haas F1 Team, LAT Photo.

Nikita Mazepin is set to learn and get new experience in Formula 1 and prefers not to rush.

Nikita Mazepin had already taken part in the two Formula 1 race weekends, which was a huge experience for the Haas driver. After the opening races of the 2021 season, he spoke about his approach to getting adapted to the pinnacle of motorsports.

“It’s very important to keep learning. Currently it is an upward curve. But there’s loads of work to be done. It’s a completely different series to what I’m used to driving and, yeah, it’s demanding,” Mazepin said.

The Haas driver also added that he saw himself driving in Formula 1 for several seasons at least, so he would not rush things.

“I am pretty sure I’ll spend a few years in this paddock at least, so I wouldn’t start panicking yet.”

“There’s much more to be lost in over pushing and finding the walls, rather than to be found with finding a few tenths. It’s a gradual build up, which I need to be focused on: and I am focused on it.”

Mazepin also emphasized that such action-packed sessions as qualifyings had also helped getting the real taste of Formula 1.

“I knew it’s obviously intense, but the two qualifying sessions that I’ve had were rather hectic. And the time is shorter, and there’s loads of things that are happening. So, yeah, it’s a big learning curve.”

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