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Alonso “needed” F1 break in 2018

Fernando Alonso. Credits: Mark Thompson/Getty Images.

Fernando Alonso has said that he needed the break from F1 that he took in 2019-20.

The two-time world champion had a rough time at the end of his last stint in F1, not winning a race for the final 6 years of that stint. In an interview with Planet F1, he said he needed a break due to putting too much pressure on himself.

“Hopefully I’m a better driver with the experiences I had away from Formula 1. And hopefully, I’m a better person too. I’m sure there was some frustration. We didn’t get the Championship with Ferrari in five years in red and that, let’s say, added pressure.”

“From Ferrari, I went to McLaren-Honda, a new project, just because at Ferrari I believed that it was not possible to win the Championship and beat Mercedes, so I tried something new. So there was always some pressure, the pressure was going up every year, to fight for the Championship.”

Alonso scored the first point of his F1 return at Imola, and hopes that Alpine will benefit from the battles going on at the pointy end of the field.

“The 2021 season is very exciting and thanks to that battle that we all want to see, we all benefit from that show, everyone, the people who see Formula 1 and who come to the races talk about that fight, about the track limits, and about whatever. Alpine is not part of that fight, but we benefit from that conversation.”

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