McLaren’s Lando Norris believes he could have passed Max Verstappen for the lead in the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, but it may have compromised his chances of a podium.

Norris was third when the race restarted, but quickly made it second when he passed the Ferrari of Charles Leclerc into the Tamburello chicane. Norris had the soft compound tire on at that stage and believes he could have made a move on race leader Verstappen, but needed to conserve his tires.

“This was a big decision I had to make. I’m on the soft because my only chance of overtaking with Leclerc would be at the very start,” he said on a video posted to social media. “And on the soft tire, compared to a medium, they come in a bit quicker. So we made the decision to go onto the soft.”

“I think I could have overtaken Max, Especially on like lap two. I could have overtaken Verstappen, I think. Maybe not. I could have at least tried. But I wouldn’t have finished on the podium, I think, if I tried, because I would have killed my tires and I think Leclerc would have got me.”

Norris ended up third after he was passed by Lewis Hamilton near the end of the race, but stayed a little under 2 seconds ahead of Charles Leclerc.

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